Kyung Hee University currently runs Eminent Scholar/International Scholar Program that brings in renowned scholars, individuals with exceptional educational and research backgrounds who join the Kyung Hee community. Kyung Hee supports these scholars as they carry out research, give lectures and participate in seminars. These eminent scholars and international scholars conduct research with professors at Kyung Hee University and also teach both undergraduate and graduate students.

The Eminence Lounge is a space wherein Eminent Scholars, International Scholars and other distinguished guests of Kyung Hee University can gather for a vibrant intellectual exchange and ongoing conversation on the issues of our age. The trans-disciplinary exchanges carried out here extend the boundaries of scholarly fields, creating new knowledge from the convergence of disciplines. The Eminence Lounge Program promotes an interdisciplinary exchange, building a knowledge network among scholars, expanding academic perspectives through joint research and creating new knowledge out of academic convergence.