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Humanity & Civilization What Makes Us Human?:Some Philosophical Insights into Technology and Subjectivity 3 7.8~7.26 Hyun June Cho
Alex Taek Gwang Lee
Slavoj Zizek
Humanity & Civilization Posthumanism in Contemporary Popular Culture and Film 3 7.8~7.26 Gregg Lambert
Humanity & Civilization Korean Language I, II 3 7.8~7.26 Jung Sup Kim
Humanity & Civilization Understanding What You Want : Desire and Culture 3 7.8~7.26 Aaron Schuster
Humanity & Civilization Global Korean Popular Culture 3 7.8~7.26 Sarah Keith
Humanity & Civilization Taekwondo: Building Body and Soul - Introduction to Korean Martial Arts 2 7.8~7.26 Yoo Jin Kim
Humanity & Civilization Culture and Society of Modern East Asia 3 7.8~7.26 Sukhee Lee
Peace & Global Governance International Relations, Yesterday and Tomorrow:Theory, History, and Policy Debates 3 7.8~7.26 John Ikenberry
Peace & Global Governance The United Nations and Global Issues:Understanding the Dynamics and Workings of the UN System 3 7.8~7.26 Oh Joon
Ramu Damodaran
Peace & Global Governance The United Nations, Civil Society and Non-Governmental Organizations 3 7.8~7.26 Liberato Bautista
Peace & Global Governance North Korea and the World: Issues, Perceptions and Realities 3 7.8~7.26 Youngshik Bong
Peace & Global Governance Earthquakes, famines and armed conflict:international responses to humanitarian emergencies 3 7.8~7.26 Miriam Bradley
Global CSR & Sustainable Development Politics and Foreign Policy of the People's Republic of China 3 7.8~7.26 Dandan Zhu
Global CSR & Sustainable Development Creativity and Innovation in NGOs:Understanding How to Become a Social Entrepreneur 3 7.8~7.26 Ram Cnaan
Global CSR & Sustainable Development The UN Global Compact and the Movement Toward a Sustainable Economy 3 7.8~7.26 Oliver Williams
Global CSR & Sustainable Development Global Philanthropy: The Generosity of People and Nations 3 7.8~7.26 Femida Handy
Global CSR & Sustainable Development The Politics of Economic Inequality and Redistribution 3 7.8~7.26 Anthony Sealey
Global CSR & Sustainable Development Unveiling the Anatomy of Tourism 3 7.8~7.26 Pam Lee