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Global Collaborative Summer Program offers two to three credit courses depending on the structure of the course. Classes are held from Monday through Friday, and students may earn up to a total of 6 credits during the program.

Taught by a faculty team of internationally renowned scholars, courses are centered on Humanity, Civilization and Global Governance.

With the exception of the Korean Language classes, all courses are taught in English. Students may add or drop classes within the first one to three days of the course depending on the total course hour. 

**For KHU Stud​ents ONLY**

KHU students who are expected to graduate in August 2019 may participate in the program, however, credits earned from the program will not be counted for their graduation assessment due to the designated academic schedule of KHU.

For KHU undergraduate students, a maximum of six credits earned from the summer break may be transferable. Therefore, the total number of credits earned through regular summer session classes, internships and Global Collaborative program should not exceed six.

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Class Hours

09:00 ~ 12:00 Morning Class
12:00 ~ 13:30 Lunch
13:30 ~ 16:30 Afternoon Class

Classes are held from Monday to Friday.
▶ Each class is 3 hours long with breaks included. (3 credit course: A total of 45 hours of in-class sessions)
▶ In case a class is canceled, the TA of the class will notify students in advance.
▶ Online community for each class is available at GC website for obtaining course materials.
    [ Global Collaborative Website > Community > Class Notes ]

Humanity & Civilization

Course Title Professor Session
What Makes Us Human?:
Some Philosophical Insights into Technology and Subjectivity

Alex Taek-Gwang Lee

Slavoj Zizek

Korean Language I, II

Jung Sup Kim

Understanding What You Want :
Desire and Culture

Aaron Schuster

Global Korean Popular Culture

Sarah Keith

Building Body and Soul - Introduction to Korean Martial Arts

Yoo Jin Kim

Culture and Society of Modern East Asia

Sukhee Lee


Peace & Global Governance

Course Title Professor Session
International Relations, Yesterday and Tomorrow:
Theory, History, and Policy Debates

John Ikenberry

The United Nations and Global Issues:
Understanding the Dynamics and Workings of the UN System

Oh Joon

Ramu Damodaran

The United Nations System, Civil Society and Non-Governmental Organizations:
Consultation, Collaboration and Cooperation

Liberato Bautista

North Korea and the World:
Issues, Perceptions and Realities

Youngshik Bong

Jung-Min Mina Lee

Earthquakes, Famines and Armed Conflict:
International Responses to Humanitarian Emergencies

Miriam Bradley

Politics and Foreign Policy of the People's Republic of China

Dandan Zhu


Global CSR & Sustainable Development

Course Title Professor Session
Creativity and Innovation in NGOs:
Understanding How to Become a Social Entrepreneur

Ram Cnaan

The UN Global Compact and the Movement Toward a Sustainable Economy

Oliver Williams

Global Philanthropy:
The Generosity of People and Nations

Femida Handy

The Politics of Economic Inequality and Redistribution

Anthony Sealey

Unveiling the Anatomy of Tourism

Pam Lee