Mission Statement

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In relationship with prestigious universities and pre-eminent international institutions, Kyung Hee University sets a new paradigm for higher education in the 21st century by cultivating future generations who will shape a better human society and a new civilization.

The program’s goals include:

Building an international network through the exchange of human resources and collaborative research by

  • Developing and implementing an innovative academic program.
  • Creating a human network by training leaders of international society.
  • Forming an East Asian hub for education and research.

Providing students and professors with a variety of High-quality education and research opportunities by

  • Maintaining a central focus on Humanity, Civilization and Global Governance.
  • Featuring co-teaching by the professors of University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, Charles University, Peking University, Barcelona Institute of International Studies and Kyung Hee University as well as executive members and staffs from the UN and international organizations.

Cultivating world citizens as leaders of global civil society by

  • Educating young leaders who will advance the era of globalization.
  • Providing civic education through lectures on current global issues.