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The Global Collaborative Summer Program was established through an institutional agreement between Kyung Hee University and University of Pennsylvania, which was later joined by other prestigious universities as well as the United Nations and international organizations.

Under the theme “Humanity, Civilization, and Global Governance,” the Global Collaborative Summer Program seeks to promote a better understanding of the East Asian region and the world, in tandem with the current quests for “world peace” and “global common good.” It also aims to provide a new paradigm of higher education for the emerging global agenda by consciously integrating education, research and global service.

Through high-quality research and education on Humanity, Civilization, and Global Governance, we hope this program will present an opportunity for students around the world to share ideas and views with each other and to reflect on their emerging roles in the global community. On behalf of Kyung Hee University, I would like to warmly welcome you all to our Global Collaborative Summer Program.

Global Academy for Future Civilizations