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Subject [GC19] Classroom Change on July 8th
Writer 관리자 Date 19-07-05 17:08 Hit 216

Please note that the classroom of the following courses will be changed on July 8th(only) due to maintenance reasons.

Please refer to the table below for the detailed information.


Morning Class (9:00~12:00)Professor
H701 H501The United Nations and Global Issues:
Understanding the Dynamics and Workings of the UN System
Joon Oh
Ramu Damodaran
H702H502North Korea and the World: Issues, Perceptions and RealitiesYoungshik Bong
Jung-Min Lee

Afternoon Class (13:30~16:30)Professor
H701H501The United Nations System, Civil Society and NGOs:
Consultation, Collaboration and Cooperation
Liberato Bautista
H702H502Understanding What You Want: Desire and CultureAaron Schuster

We apologize for any inconvenience by this change and thank you for understanding in advance.​​​

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