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Subject [GC19] Administrative Intern Recruitment
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  • Global Collaborative 2019 Summer Program

    Recruitment for Administrative Intern


    1. Position

        Administrative Intern

        - 1 student


    2. Duties

        a. Overall administrative support for GC program

        b. Other administrative support for professors at GC Faculty office/GAFC office

        c. Other administrative support for GC program (e.g. KCW, Opening/Closing ceremony etc.)


    3. Benefits

        - A scholarship (KRW 1,500,000)

        ※ Administrative Intern can’t take GC course because of working hours


    4. Qualification

        a. Undergraduate/graduate students currently enrolled at Kyung Hee University

        b. Fluent in English/Korean 


    5. Working Period

        - June 24 ~ August 2, 2019 (approx. 1.5 month)

        - Adjustment of working period is available


    6. Schedule / Deadlines

        a. Application Deadline: March 18(Mon) ~ April 7(Sun), 2019

        b. Interview: TBA

        c. Final Announcement: TBA

        * Schedules are subject to change.


    7. Required Documents: Submit via email

        a. Application form (attached below)

        b. Certificate of enrollment

        c. Valid English Proficiency Certificate (TOEFL, TOEIC, TEPS) if available


    8. Program detail

        - Please refer to our website. (


    9. Inquiry

        - Global Academy for Future Civilizations, Kyung Hee University

        - Email: 

        - Tel: 02-961-0995/0996


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