The 21st century has ushered in unprecedented cultural and institutional changes, pushing forth an “integrated civilization” that pulls together the global community and fundamentally alters the landscape of human life. The manifestations of civilization in the 21st century include innovations in digital information, the process of globalization, the emergence of multicultural societies, and the achievements and limitations of capitalism. These new developments pose complicated and daunting challenges for us, adding to the significant threats already presented by hunger, disease, human rights violations, degradation of the environment, and climate change.

Human life should be grounded in civilization. The Individual’s existence is unique in that it is inspired by the culture and civilization he inhabits. The consolidation of civilization under the autarchy of one dominant culture cannot represent the diversity of human life in our global society. Universal improvement in human life would be difficult to achieve under such conditions. We have tomust continue academic introspection and make practical efforts that will create the optimum conditions for each and every culture to embrace the diversity of global society during the civilizational transformation of the 21st century.

The Global Academy for Future Civilization aspires to lead the discourse on future civilization hand in hand with prominent academic research institutes around the world. We want seek to create a better future for humanity out of the contradictions of the current day by confronting the essential issues of life and not falling into the pursuit of excellence in education & research and the production of knowledge like a tool. We will be an academic research institute which fulfills its social responsibility as a university of the future, building on the foundations of Kyung Hee’s tradition of “Scholarship and Peace” and harmonizing creative knowledge and praxis.

Thank you for your attention,

Yersu Kim
The Global Academy for Future Civilization